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Re: Gorgo fingers

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 I've been corrected a number of times for my mistake by calling metacarpal
III ( in Gorgosaurus libratus) digit III.  This was mainly due to quoting
from Glut's new book regarding Lambe's 1914 paper.  Apparently Lambe thought
he found digits II, III and a splint of metacarpal IV.  In his 1917 he
corrects himself and mentions only two digits (I and II) and a greatly
reduced III metacarpal.  For those artists out there who are wondering what
to do with metacarpal III,  Mr. Holtz assured me that it would be submerged
in the fleshy palm and, at most there might  be a "slight enlargement at the

 Thanks for the replies
David Krentz

Date: 1/20/98 5:46 AM
To: David Krentz
From: th81@umail.umd.edu
At 05:05 PM 1/16/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Subject: Gorgo fingers                                       5:56 PM
>  On a few mounts of Gorgosaurus Libratus, I've noticed the long ignored
>digit III.   It was noted in Lambe's 1914 paper, but I rarely see it
>illustrated.  Would it be visible?  The arm cast I have shows that it is
>quite prominent.  Is there any evidence to suggest that this is not supposed

>to be there?  If the greatly reduced finger is indeed on this animal and not

>on Albertosaurus ( as far as I know of) than is that another good reason to
>separate the two into different families.  What does it say about

That's metacarpal III, not digit III.  That is, there was no finger on it.

Jurassic Park's mutant raptors notwithstanding, the metacarpals would all be
enclosed together within a fleshy palm, as they are in all amniote.  At most
there would be a slight enlargement at the spot, but no more than that.

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