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Dinos in France

    In light of recent discussions in this forum concerning dinosaur fossils in France, it is appropriate to announce an upcoming paleontology expedition to southern France. This fall, Dinamation International Society and Dr. Eric Buffetaut will lead excavations in quarries near the small town of Esperaza, in the foothills of the Pyrenees.
    In the last seven years, quarries with names such as Garonne, Merignon, and Aude have yielded the remains of armored sauropods, raptors, as well as dozens of eggs from the uppermost Cretaceous. These important specimens are housed in a new museum nearby, the first museum in all Europe devoted solely to dinosaur paleontology.
    The goal of this expedition is to help bolster the research collections of the  Esperaza Dinosaur Museum and support the research and education efforts of this important new center of dinosaur research.
    This expedition is open to all interested parties on a first come first serve basis. The fee includes round trip airfare from New York's JFK; transportation; double occupancy accommodations; all meals; and admission to local museums and attractions.
    Dates--September 3rd-13th, 1998
    Please respond off line to:
Jonathan Cooley
Dinamation International Society
550 Jurassic Ct.
Fruita CO  81521