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Dinosaur TV Week

Better late than never, here are some highlights of U.S. national 
television programming concerning dinosaurs and other prehistoric 
animals, all times Eastern (don't worry, didn't miss anything):

Friday, January 23

Disney Channel, 5:00pm
Clips and interviews, myth and reality, etc.  Maybe the tape will snap 
once and for all this time.

Sunday, January 25

TNT, 3:50am (some call this "late night Saturday")
The only movie with stop-motion that Pauline Kael ever liked.  Always 
worth watching, if only for the tyrannosaur.

TRAVEL Channel, 8:00am (Non-Americans must read "travel channel" and 
just shake their heads; they're right)
Outdoor Journal 
"Texas Dude Ranch"
Includes segment on Alberta's dinosaurs.

Discovery Channel, 9:30am
Bonehead Detectives of the Paleoworld
Children's program about paleontology.  This episode: "The Dino Clones" 
-- insert own description here.

Also note that The Lost World: Jurassic Park comes to pay-per-view in 
many markets this week.  At three or four clams plus the price of a 
tape, it's worth it.  As movie dinosaurs go they look fab.  I 
particularly enjoyed the mated pair of tyrannosaurs enjoying a snack 
about mid-flick.  This is more unapologetically mind-candy than the 
first poser of a movie ("sense of wonder" my eye).  Less dull, more fun, 
equally dumb (and that's very dumb indeed).  

There: what a clear endorsement.

In hoc signo vinces,

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