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Re: Mamenchisaurus Drawing

At 11:34 PM 1/20/98 +0000, you wrote:
>In a message dated 98-01-20 17:14:15 EST, DaveH47@delphi.com writes:
><< FWIW, I have *never* seen a _Mamenchisaurus_ restoration in which the neck
> was anything but horizontal...Unlike _Barosaurus_, I thought it was always
> indisputed that _Mamenchisaurus_ was a Diplodicid. >>
>Also appears with near-vertical neck in _Archosaurian Articulations_ #8...
 I've been following this thread with interest and have one question. Does
the new specimen or specimens of _Mamenchisaurus_ concur with the older
material that Dinogeorge has been talking about? I'm referring here to the
_Nova_ program and the Discovery Channel's _Hunting the Dragon_. If I
remember correctly (a big "if"), in the latter film Dale Russell came out
pretty strongly for a horizontal neck. Has this new material been prepared
and/or published?
 Dan Varner