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Dinosaur genera list corrections #83


>>Given that the genus in question is from the Ornithomimidae, it's
>>more likely "orc-mimic"--as in the huge and legendary Arabian bird
>>the Orc (familiar from the Arabian Nights).
Jaime A. Headden:
>Wasn't that the Roc? Orcs were big hairy fellows in the *Ring*

Excuse me if I'm late with this topic. I was "cleaning up" my mail so it seemed to me this one remained unsettled.

I would bet the case of

Orcomimus Triebold, 1997 [nomen nudum] “orc-mimic” (?)  - Orcus (or Orc) (Latin)  = the mythological God of the Underworld

By the way the huge and legendary Arabian bird from the Arabian Nights was Roc not Orc.

Berislav Krzic
Beri's Dinosaur World