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Re: Sinosauropteryx is calling Phil Currie.

At 09:42 AM 1/21/98 +0000, Luis Rey wrote:

>So that's why this is message to Phil Currie: we need a more complete paper
>including chemical analyses of the integumental structures and the
>description of the three specimens with full anatomical details. Is it too
>much to ask?

What we need (as I said before, although some people found it objectionable
(!!!)), is someone with speciality in working with soft-tissue preservation
in the fossil record with some good, high resolution equipment (like SEMs)
to look at the critter in person.  This would exclude most of us meat & bone
jockies (Currie, me, Ostrom, Martin, Feduccia, Jones, Ruben, etc.).

Soft tissue mineralization and preservation in vertebrates is a VERY small
and specialized field.  Top people in it right now include folks like Derek
Briggs and Dave Martill.  Soft tissue preservation can be very misleading,
even in person, to the unwary (as in the Pelecanimimus situation, where the
fibres have been shown to be internal structures, as discussed by Briggs et
al. last year).

My $0.02.

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