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Darwin Award Candidate

And, since we are being silly, this one isn't too bad either.

Donald Wise wrote:
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> From: D_Wise@ACAD.FANDM.EDU (Donald Wise)
> Subject: Darwin Award Candidate
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> Subject: Darwin Was Right
> We have many transmission lines that crisscross the state. These are
> held up by Transmission Towers of different construction. Near most
> urban areas these are normally "metal Ornamental Towers" (they are
> supposed to be prettier than wood towers).  Sometimes we have folks who
> feel it would be nice to climb these towers and enjoy the night air. Most
> enjoy their view, stay away from the wires, and when they get bored, come
> back down.
> Well this is a story of a fella who was a little despondent over a recent
> fight with a girlfriend and decided he needed a little fresh air to clear
> his head.  He proceeded to climb a tower south of Hartford next to I-91.
> Before he got to his tower though, he decided to stop for a 6 pack to help
> clear his thoughts.
> Here our "Darwin Award winner-to-be" sits 60 feet above the highway,
> drinking his beer, consoling his bruised ego. Our friend had 5 beers when
> he decided he needed the services of a men's room. It being such a long
> hike down, he unzips and decides to do his business right there off the
> tower.
> Electricity is a funny thing. You don't need to touch a wire in order to
> get shocked. On these 15,000 volt lines depending on the conditions,
> you could be as far away as 6' and still get shocked.  Well, our friend
> proceeded to "whiz" near the conductor (wire) when the power arced
> to his "stream" (salt water is a most excellent conductor of electricity)
> followed up to his private parts and blew him off the tower.
> The utility company had a momentary outage on this line and sent
> workmen to see if there was any damage. When the guys got to the
> scene of the accident, they found a very dead person, his fly down,
> what was left of his private parts smoking and a single beer left on top of
> the tower.
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