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Concerning these minor quibbles we're having about the diversity of 
French Campanian-Maastrichtian dinosaurs, Pete Buchholz wrote...

> Should have Silvisaurus replaced with Struthiosaurus.  Woops, sorry 
> for any inconvenience.

I think I'm the one that should be correcting an even bigger error: I 
referred to Pereda-Superbiola and Galton's work on _Struthiosaurus_ 
as if it were French material. The fossils are, in fact, from eastern 

I checked Weishampel's chapter on dinosaur distribution in 
Weish-Dod-Os, and I did not see any French ankylosaurs at all. 


The long awaited paper on ontogeny and taxonomy of centrosaurines by 
Scott Sampson, Darren Tanke and others is finally out in _Zool. J. 
Linn. Soc._. The issue is actually dated for Winter 1997, but the 
library I use for _Zool. J. Linn. Soc._ (Biological Science 
library, Boldrewood campus, University of Southampton) has only just 
got it in. More details to follow in another post...

"Chainsaws proved to be extremely useful on the crocodilian snouts"