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new Neuquensaurus finding

News media in Argentina is commenting today on the finding of a new
specimen of Neuquensaurus australis, as "the most complete specimen
found so far". 
The fossil was found last december by Walter Lagos, a collaborator of
the Universidad Nacional del Comahue, near the locality of Cinco Saltos,
an area which is part of the Rio Colorado formation, in the province of
Rio Negro, south of Argentina. The extraction work finished just last
The remains, which were excavated by Drs. Coria and Salgado, from the
UNC, consists of more than half a tail, part of the dorsal vertebrae, a
complete hip and some limb bones, partially articulated and in excelent
condition, according to Salgado. He's also quoted saying that two
titanosaurid-like osteoderms were found.