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Cladistics question-hybrids

hey all......
after hearing on the news of the recent camel/llama cross, I'm suddenly
wondering how cladistics would show such an animal if it could have

The regular mapping I've seen is this:

animal a    animal b
\                \             /animal c
   \              \         /
      \            \      /
         \          \   /
            \        /
               \  /
How does one show a hybridization between two similar types (b and c-the
closest species possible?-say domestic dog and grey wolf)
Little plus signs if it stabilizes it's genotype and breeds true to its

What about from different branches such as a and c (say domestic cat and
asian snow leopard)?  Do you draw a big line across your tree?  Do you
re-arrainge your tree so they're next to each other?  I think one of the
rarer show cats, the Bengal, is supposed to be such a cross.

I know hybridization occurs most frequently with human intervention, but
isn't there a way to clade it?

-Betty Cunningham

(not exactly dinosaurs but certainly applicable)