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Re: Cladistics question-hybrids

In a message dated 98-01-22 18:10:30 EST, you write:

<< I know hybridization occurs most frequently with human intervention, but
 isn't there a way to clade it?
 -Betty Cunningham
 (not exactly dinosaurs but certainly applicable)

The fact that we know this to be a hybrid presents a special problem, which
draw some interesting lines on your cladogram.  Llamas and Camels are
close relatives on the evolutionary pathway.  Depending on which traits the
inherits will determine how an independant study would place it.  Not being an
expert perhaps I'm off base here but KNOWING the animal is a hybrid would
theoretically place a diamond shape on our cladogram, wouldn't it?
                     C           ?
                   /    \       /
                  /       \    /
                 /          B
                /        /
                /      /
                /    /

However, anyone without the knowledge of the hybridization, (such as cladists
of the future) will simply examine the available characters, and place it as
you would any other species.

Bill Hinchman