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Re: recapitulation

See also _Science_, vol.277, 5 Sept. 1997, p1435: Haeckel's embryos: Fraud

Just a small article by Elizabeth Pennisi in the Research News section on a
paper that appeared in the August issue of Anatomy and Embryology by M.
Richardson who dug up Haeckel's old data purporting to show that all
vertebrate embryos go through identical stages of development which was
shortly thereafter admitted by Haeckel to be fraudulent! Richardson repeated
the experiment and with modern technology graphically proved that all verts do
NOT develop identically. Also, he found that Haeckel "doctored" up the
drawings in order to bolster his case and as Richardsonput it " it looks like
one of the most famous fakes in biology".

That and the Piltdown Hoax!

The article does go on to mention that "recent discoveries" show that many
species share developmental _genes_ but did not elaborate on it.

This begs another question that I always wanted to pose to the assembled
minds, while Haeckel's Law has been generally discredited, examples can
probably be found in nature that _seem_ to follw Haeckel's Law. If this is so,
what evidence, if any, is there for this in the Dinosauria? The fossil record
of any species?

Food for thought.

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies