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Re: desperately seeking Sinosauropteryx/ Protoarchaeopteryx feathers

sarima@ix.netcom.com (Stanley Friesen)wrote:

At 10:36 PM 1/19/98 EST, JSeward123 wrote:
> > Hi all! I too would like a copy of that Nature article. Both
> > libraries in Auburn NY (where I live) lack Nature magazines! Can you
> > believe it? ...

Many municipal/county/community-college libraries can't afford to
carry _Nature_. (if they have to ask the institutional price, they can't
afford it). Your best bet to to find the nearest university library.

Stan wrote:
> The libraries here have it, but are always months behind in getting
> journals on the shelves.  Would you believe that the last issue of nature
> on the shelf at UCLA is from *September*!!!

And I thought that the lag time at my local university library was bad!!
(here, _Nature_ appears on the shelf three weeks after it's release

I can't remember if _Science_ is as bad, but I assume that the same
thing is happening there.

I just got finished browsing the _Scientific American_ article by
Padian and Chiappe.  The close-up photo of the Protoarchaeopteryx
impression was stunning (albeit small...geez guys, crank up the
magnification, okay?!?).  I was wondering if anyone knows
whether the original Chinese article on the beast discussed any
asymmetrical feathers?