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Renaming Sue: Paleocontent - nil

Given that I and my wife (the most important Sue in my life!) are not able
to enter the contest, having passed the sixth grade some time ago, we might
as well post our first suggestions here:

What should we call "Sue"?:

1) Law-suit-o-saurus (isn't that that basal ornithischian from the Early J
of southern Africa...)
2) Regina
3) The Dinosaur Formerly Known as "Sue"  (Hey, if Prince can do it...)
4) Dakota
5) Sioux
6) Soo
7) Sioux City Sue (okay, Windy City Sue...)
8) "Ma'am!"
9) Anything she wants...


10) Manospondylus gigas  (no, not THAT!!! :-S  )

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