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Anything new on Deinocheirus

In scanning my new copy of THE COMPLETE DINOSAUR, I found that one
particular dinosaur in which I'm very interested seems to have been left
out.  Namely _Deinocheirus_, that enigmatic pair of arms from Mongolia.  

Last I heard, a couple of years ago, _Deinocheirus_ was a complete
mystery.  Dinosaur yes, theropod yes, but beyond that nobody seemed to
even want to speculate where it fit into dinotaxonomy.  The only book I
have that does speculate on it is Sattler's "New Illustrated Dinosaur
Dictionary" (1990), which says that it and _Therizinosaurus_ both
belonged to a family called the Deinocheiridae.  But more recent books
seem to take the therizinosaurs and move them off somewhere else

Is anything more at all known about _Deinocheirus_?  More material?  A
better classification?  

-- JSW