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ontogeny recapitulates phoologeny?

Hi all. I have a question on Haeckel's dictum ontogeny recapitulates
phylogeny. New Scientist of 9/6/97 had an article on it on p.23 titled:
"Embryonic Fraud Lives On." It showed that Haeckel's dictum is fraudulent, and
that he was convicted of fraud at the University of Jena.

In  1988, my high school biology teacher taught us ontogeny recapitulates
phylogeny, and I was scepticle of it. The above reference seems to bolster my

Is ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny used today to with the bird-dinosaur
cennection? (I did read Feduccia's Science article on embryo bird hands, so I
hope I'm not re-hashing this too much!)

Thank you. Have a nice day.