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Re: Anything new on Deinocheirus

On Sat, 24 Jan 1998, Lawrence Akins wrote:

> for a Theropod to have arms the size of Deinocheirus
> how big would it have to be and what family would it have to be part of?

If the arms are 2.5m long (as another poster said), then, scaling up from
an ornithomimine, I get 7-8m for total body length. Scaling from and
oviraptorid (as Tracy Ford suggests), it's about a meter shorter.

> I'm just wondering are there any other Therizinosaurs other than 
> Therizinosaurus, and possibly Deinocheirus?

_Deinocheirus_'s only real similarity to _Therizinosaurus_, AFAIK, is that
it has huge arms with three fingers. More definite therizinosaurids are
the dinosaurs previously known as segnosaurs -- _Segnosaurus_,
_Nanshiungosaurus_, _Erlikosaurus_, and _Enigmosaurus_. A somewhat more
primitive therizinosauroid is _Alxasaurus_. Check out

--T. Mike Keesey
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