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Re: Pittsburgh's newest T.rex

> Jarno Peschier, who has recently changed his email address!
>  mailto:postbus@jarno.demon.nl   http://jarno.home.ml.org/
asked where he could view the Carnegie _T. rex_ mount online.  Why, at the
Carnegie Museum of Natural History web site, of course!  You can see a
couple of pictures at <www.acnatsci.org/dinosaurs/> if you click on
"Discovering Dinosaurs" and "QuickTime VR of Dinosaur Hall."

Another nice mount of the same _T. rex_ cast is on view at U.C. Berkeley's
Museum of Paleontology at <www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/trex/specialtrex2.html>. 
You can appreciate the work that goes into such a mount by clicking on
"Building T. rex" at the same site.

For another perspective, you could probably search on "Denver Museum of
Natural History" to see the high-kicking _T. rex_ preferred by Robert

For Jack Horner's controversial perspective on the case for a (primarily)
scavenging Tyrannosaurus rex_, you have two good sources.  One is the
Museum of the Rockies home page at <www.montana.edu:80/wwwmor>, which
discusses an MOR exhibit called "T. rex on trial."  You can also read a
lively discussion between Mr. Horner and Nathan Myhrvold at <www.mungo
park.com/> under "chat transcripts: big brain night."  Myhrvold discusses
his controversial "supersonic sauropods" theory, too.

There are certainly many other internet sources on _T. rex_, but these
sites should keep you busy for the moment.

Ralph Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>

"Payus upthebutticus"  Take that, spell check program!