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Recently I wrote up the abstract for Sampson, Ryan and Tanke's (1997) 
_Zool. Jour. Linn. Soc_ paper on centrosaurine ontogeny.. mainly 
because I was under the impression that next to no-one knew that the 
paper was out. Well, think again, it seems..

Yesterday I happened to be looking at _Dinonews_ 10 (December 1996): 
an Aussie magazine edited by John Long, and with major contributions 
from this list's Graeme Worth and Brian Choo. To my surprise, on p. 
15, Graeme Worth provides a summary of what _appears_ to be the 
Sampson, Ryan and Tanke paper alluded to above. Graeme says that 
'Scott Sampson has just published the results of studies on the low 
diversity bone beds of Alberta and Montana (_Zool. J. of the Linnean 
Society, London_)'. This has just got to be a reference to the same 
paper. So what the hell is going on? That issue of _Dinonews_ was 
published in December 1996, yet  - ASAIK - the Sampson, Ryan and 
Tanke paper was first published in November 1997. I am confused.

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