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Re: Anything new on Deinocheirus

        In the spirit of whiping thet dead horse...
Tracy Ford wrote:
>As far as Deinocherius is concerend, IMHO, it is NOT an Ornithomimosaur.
It's >claws are short and thick, which is oppoiste of Ornithomimosaurs.
        Unless this character can be demonstrated to be derived with respect
to other theropods, and shared with some other theropod group, it is of
little use. Morhpometrics may prove helpful here (ugh! claw morphometrics).
In any case, we still have at least one shared derived character (mcI approx
= mcII in length) supporting ornithomimisaur affinities.

>I think it might be an Oviraptorid or a Therizinosaur. There are some
vertebrae >and ribs known, but they need to be looked at.
        Do you have character support? I'd be very interested. Also, when
last I looked, didn't therizinosauroids also sport somewhat long and narrow
manual claws? It's been a while...

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