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Re: Dino size: go on, laugh at me

The still-living and definitely female Sue wrote:

>Okay, guys, you can laugh at my stupidity on this one, but I need some 
>A second grader in Spain has requested the answer to this question: Why 
>dinosaurs so big?

Dinosaurs were really big so that they could protect their eggs from 
furry little animals from the bushes.  

They were also big so that they could run much too fast, trip, and die. 

Or be tripped by those same little mammals (see cartoon).  

They also grew so huge so that they would have really bad trouble 
finding a bite to eat if a celestial body struck the earth.

One other reason was so that they'd need to fuse their very metatarsal 
bones together to support their weight, making a larger furry mammal 
famous a bit down the timeline in the process.

Finally, dinosaurs were really big so they could be portrayed even much 
bigger than all that in movies.

Always happy to help, and remember, there are no stupid questions, only 
stupid answers,


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