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Dino IMAX tidbits

To all who are interested,

        Last weekend I had the opportunity to have lunch with an IMAX technician
who, a few months ago, worked at the production studio in Toronto where the
new dino IMAX is being completed. He was there acting as some kind of
technical advisor, and he is not a member of the predominantly Canadian
production team. He told me that a vast majority, or perhaps all, of the
dinosaur sequences were composed on a computer (along with many other
aspects of the film). It is being filmed in 3D, and the production team has
been having a horrible time aligning frames and ensuring a good focus
(which is apparently a common difficulty in all IMAX films). He didn't have
much to say about the actual stars of the film, other than "the dinosaur
scenes are absolutely photo-realistic. At first I thought they must have
used stop-motion animation, since the resolution was so much better than
any computerized sequences I've seen. But the motion is perfectly fluid,
and you can really get a sense of the mass of the animals." He said that he
doubted the completion deadline would be met, even though the project
directors allowed for delays in their projection of the release date.

Sam Girouard