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Triesbold's 1997, Dinofest article lists the fauna (which included the
remains of a very large Oviraptor-like creature, estimated height at hips
2.5m) discovered at the "Sandy Site" in Harding County, South Dakota, and
Holtz's article on theropods, demonstrates that both coelurosaurs and
oviraptorids could and probably did achieve very large size by the end of
the Late Cretaceous.

I believe that Deinocheirus represents a very large oviraptorid or
oviraptorid-like dinosaur.  I can hardly begin to imagine what this
creature looked like, but I'm sure it was nightmare-ish both in appearence
and habit.  If only more material could be found.

---John Schneiderman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu)