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Having just recieved a copy of:

Norell, M A, and Makovicky, P J.  1997.  Important features of the dromaeosaur
skeleton: information from a new specimen.  American Museum Novitates

I was intrigued by the figures showing the gastralia in the new specimen.
Previously, theropod gastralia had been illustrated (I thought) as having an
elongate V shaped medial segment and long lateral segment on either side of
this, as shown in figure 22 (page 38) of:

Madsen, J H.  1976.  _Allosaurus fragilis_: a revised osteology.  Bulletin of
the Utah Geological Survey 109:1-163.

But in figures 3 and 5 of Norell and Makovicky the medial gastralium isn't an
elongate V, but instead appears to be two overlapping segmants.  The whole
gastral basket reminds me in gross appearance of a wicker basket.

My question is in three parts.  First, have any basal birds been described
with this sort of gastralia?  Second, has any subsequent research shown Madsen
and others in error?  Lastly, how does this work vis a vis lung ventilation?

Looking at something besides ornithopods for once...

Pete Buchholz

"They both have brains the size of an electron."
"That's how they choose their presidents."