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> Stephan Pickering has made "Sue" the type specimen of the new 
> species_Tyrannosaurus stanwinstonorum_ in a self-published 
> paleozine.

     Who is Stephan Pickering?
     I am also looking for references mostly having to do with
tyrannosarurids if anyone wants to help me out.  
     First, formal papers on T.rex's  brain and what it means in terms of
senses of smell and sight.  I suppose Hopson talks about this somewhere,
and his 'Cold Look at Warm-Blooded Dinosaurs" paper goes into EQ, but I am
interested also in senses.  Horner talks about it in "Complete T.rex, but
is it published scientifically anywhere?
     Ken Carpenter and Matt Smith(??)'s article on the biomechanics of
T.rex's arms.
     A paper on a likely T.rex corprolite.  I THINK it was published in
Canadian Journal of Earth sciences, and I THINK Karen Chin was an author,
but I may be mistaken.  
     Papers on scavenging on predation in modern animals, specifically on
relative proportions of scavenging and predation in animals diets, and
what sort of animals under what circumstances make a good or
complete living on scavenging.  I have references for two papers published
in the 1970s on Serengetti carnivores that I swiped out of the PDW
bibliography, but has anything else, perhaps more up to date, and perhaps
on something other then non-african mammals been done?  How about
scavenging vs. predation in monitors and crocodilains?

LN Jeff