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Re: Migration? wrenches...

Mind if I take this discussion back a level too?

I'm familiar with the evidence for migration, but have not seen the
counterarguments to it.

Are there any?

Naturally, the first thing to consider is that they didn't occur in a
narrow span of time.  Leading to the question of why they would all
tend to a similar direction (and pace?). 

Are there other possible answers to  that question?  Consider a game trail
with some aspect to focus travel in a single direction?  Perhaps preditors
or geological features?  

I am just interested in the ideas and counter arguments available.  


At 07:29 PM 1/26/98 -0600, roger wrote:
>Hello all,
>I've begun a train of thought that I hope doesn't end up in heap of twisted
>I have given the idea of dinosaur migration some thought. Just because
>there is trackway evidence of herding can we infer that this means
>migration? If any species of non-avian dinosaur could have migrated what
>would the possible motivation? Would an example of modern species, such as
>wildebeasts, be suitable basis for comparison? Would natural obstacles,
>such as mountians or huge lakes, prevented such migrations? Do examples of
>mass death assemblies, such as the hadrosaurs in Horner's book  "Digging
>Dinosaurs",  represent a clear case of a migration? Has anyone done any
>conclusive work in this area?
>Any input will be appreciated. Even if you think dinosaurs just milled
>around without meaningful direction, sort of like this post.
>Roger A. Stephenson
>Hell Creek Homey