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Centrosaurine paper

Darren and others
>Yesterday I happened to be looking at _Dinonews_ 10 (December 1996): 
>an Aussie magazine edited by John Long, and with major contributions 
>from this list's Graeme Worth and Brian Choo. To my surprise, on p. 
>15, Graeme Worth provides a summary of what _appears_ to be the 
>Sampson, Ryan and Tanke paper alluded to above. Graeme says that 
>'Scott Sampson has just published the results of studies on the low 
>diversity bone beds of Alberta and Montana (_Zool. J. of the Linnean 
>Society, London_)'. This has just got to be a reference to the same 
>paper. So what the hell is going on?
 Yes, it is definitely the same paper! When I was preparing the last update
to my Dinosaur Encyclopedia software, Darren Tanke posted news of this work
to the list. I subsequently contacted Scott Sampson who supplied me with a
pre-print of the article, which he indicated was 'in press' - hence the ref
to the journal only (no specific details) in the Dinonews article. I wrote
the summary for Dinonews some time after I got the pre-print, and with the
expectation that it would be a month or two before my article appeared in
print, made the erroneous assumption that by that time the Sampson paper
would have appeared. Ever since then I've been looking for and thinking I
must have missed its appearance. I'm not sure why it took so long to
actually be published, even given the long delays with many journals, but
that is the explanation. Sorry for the confusion, Darren.
Graeme Worth