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Re: Dino size: go on, laugh at me

> Bill Hinchman <BHinchSaur@aol.com> writes:

> As Several have already posted, no one knows for sure why some Dinos
> got so large.  One possble explanation may be homeothermy.  Once a
> large animal gets warm, it tends to stay warm longer, retaining it's heat
> due to the fact that body volume increases faster that skin area.  If
> were wholly ectothermic, perhaps this helped them remain at a more
> active level.
But how did the small dinosaurs get by?  What about the young?  If a 10"
long theropod takes _at least_ a few years to get 30' long, how does it
cope in the mean time?  It makes sense that the metabolism slows down as an
animal grows and ages, but isn't the argument a bit circular?  All of the
dinosaurs apparently started out _quite_ small.

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