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Re: Australian fossilization

From: kodiak@inetworld.net (T.A. Curtis):

>    Australia would be an excellent place to be entombed for a long 
>of time due to its minimal tectonic activity.  The fact that the soils 
>the ouback are so played out due to the lack of volcanism, as well as 
>fact that it all looks pretty much the same during the times of Mad 
>make it a sure bet as far as I'm concerned.

There are legal considerations for Paul to consider as well.  Australia 
values its fossils as fossils rather than as private property, and so 
(assuming no change in the legal system, a big assumption, of course) 
Paul's remains would not end up enigmatically hanging in the lobby of a 
Japanese corporation's executive building.  Or bought up by Disney, with 
his name changed to whatever new animation product is currently being 
released (Paulus willis aladdinus, Paulus willis herculesus . . .).


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