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Mammals. . . sorry

   I apologize in advance for cluttering up valuable bandwidth with a
comment about extinct mammals. . .

   The caption on page 51 of the April 1994 issue of _Natural History_ says
glyptodonts sported "200-pound carapaces that were sixty feet in diameter."
Surely this is a typo!  I don't have any sources that will give me the
straight info on glyptodont measurements so I'll take an off-list reply. .

   BTW, a few weeks ago I "corrected" Dinogeorge on a point about President
Jefferson sending Lewis & Clark to search for, among other things, examples
of extant _Megalonyx_.  I'm positive Jefferson had misidentified a claw he
had as that of a giant lion, yet this same article ("Successful in Spite of
Themselves," pp. 50-53), which is about edentates (the primitive placental
group encompassing sloths, glyptos, armadillos, and echidnae), definitely
gives the impression that Jefferson thought he was looking for a giant
sloth.  So George, if this was where you got your information from, I both
apologize and sit in awe of your powers of recollection!

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