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I am interested in the pros and cons supporting migration
of dinosaurs.  

Can probability account for the absence of certain genera from
any regions we would expect to find evidence of a migrating animal?
(If an animal is believed to migrate, and it isn't found in another
region, how strong of evidence is that against its migrating?)

Can mass gravesites be something other than evidence of herding?
One possibility is that the mass graves indicate a preferred place
to die, or perhaps just a more dangerous area, and that the different
animals are not related in time.  I beileve this is true for many of
the mammoths (or was it mastodon?) found in tar pits.  

Is the trackway evidence a stronger case of migration or are there 
plausible alternative explanations for that?  Would a simpler game
trail possible account for it?  If migration does account for it,
shouldn't there still be trackways going in both directions, at least

Does a migration tendency have to correlate to herding?