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Lessem takes a serious look at G. carolinii (was Megaraptor)

>From: jhemig@oregonnews.com

>Any new thoughts on Megaraptor? The last I read 

I just checked this site which is apparently a creation of 
"Dinohuckster" Don Lessem (aka, shout 'dinosaur' and paying audiences 
will come).  I note that the site seems primarily concerned with 
announcing that G. carolinii was:

        BIGGER  THAN  T. REX!!!!!!!!!

Apparently the message was not getting out, so Lessem wrote a book about 
it in an attempt to get this important piece of scientific information 
out to the public.  The title of the book is:

        BIGGER  THAN  T. REX!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone seen this?  Does it grant to G. carolinii that elusive title, 
"the MEANEST DINOSAUR?"  I note that the present holder of such is 
Megaraptor, described IIRC as "quite possibly the meanest dinosaur" on 
the site.  What is a mean dinosaur?

Interested in hearing about the book,
ps: the book seems likewise unsuited to alone shoulder Lessem's tidings, 
as Discovery Channel will soon air a program written by Lessem called 
BEYOND T. REX, about G. carolinii et al.  

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