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Update to Dinosaur Web Pages

Come on down to http://umbc.edu/~tkeese1/dinosaur

Phase One of this year's big Dinosaur Web Pages update is finally
completed. The pages have been given a new "look", the taxon pages have
been re-structured and corrected, and there's a new section on clade
definitions on the Index of Clades Page. Other modifications have been
made to each page, including a new skeletal image on the Anatomy Page
(courtesy of Dario Fumagalli). 

Phase Two, to take place sometime next month (hopefully), will be a
massive injection of new pictures. (Speaking of which, if someone reading
this sent me two GIFs labelled lunge.gif and toro.gif, could you tell me
who you are? I've lost track.)

Now back to school and work (ugh)--

--T. Michael Keesey
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