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Re: Lessem takes a serious look at G. carolinii (was Megaraptor)

>        BIGGER  THAN  T. REX!!!!!!!!!
I'm not sure if I'm right about this, but isn't Carcharodontosaurus
bigger, or at least the same size as T. Rex?
>Does it grant to G. carolinii that elusive title,
>"the MEANEST DINOSAUR?"  I note that the present holder of such is
>Megaraptor, described IIRC as "quite possibly the meanest dinosaur" on 
>the site.  What is a mean dinosaur?
I have no clue what a mean dinosaur is, but in my opinion, a mean 
is one that is like a Dromaeosaur, swift, and definitely real 
dangerous(especially with those claws)
so I agree that Megaraptor and Utahraptor are the meanest.  I'll 
probably get flamed
but I agree with Jack Horner's idea of the the large Theropods (such as 
T. Rex and
probably Giganotosaurus), were primarily scavengers, but they weren't
total scavengers.
Larry (not a professional yet) Akins

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