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anyone a Madagascar expert?

I guess this is my week to ask for help.
We have a display of small Triassic fossils from Madagascar . We were 
supposed to have received background info on these two years ago, but 
nothing has ever arrived, and there are no records of who the individual 
was that was supposed to provide such data.
Does anyone know someone who might be able to give us a little more 
information about Madagascar during Triassic, the significance (or even 
lack of it) of these fossils or at least a few sentences that we can 
explain SOMETHING about them or about the significance of Madagascar? If 
you know a good reference work that covers these (that a layman would 
understand) or where we might be able to see such a work, I'd appreciate 
some help. Just point me in the right direction!
Here's the list:
Boreosomus sp.
Ecrinosomus dixoni
Perleideus madagascariensis
Pteronisculus sp.
Australosomus merlei
Saurichthys sp.
Tangasaurus benelli
Bobosatrania groenlandica

Thanks in advance!
Ellen Sue Blakey, Education Director
The Wyoming Dinosaur Center