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Garudimimus foot (was Re: Deinocheirus)

At 11:51 PM 1/29/98 PST, jaemei wrote:

>After the first post, by the way, I saw *Garudamimus'* metatarsals, and 
>they resemble *Oviraptor's*, in proportion and general physiology.

Actually, there is a long tradition of illustrating Garudimimus metatarsals
incorrectly.  The common form of the illustration (as in, for example, the
Dinosauria) shows metatarsals II and IV separated at the proximal end.  In
fact, they do take this position when the metatarsus falls open.  In
articulation, however, the proximal ends of II and IV DO contact each other,
and you can't see the top of mtIII in anterior view.

Curiously, the only proper published illustration of the metatarsus of
Garudimimus is in Currie & Russell's 1988 paper on Chirostenotes (in the
Canadian Journal of Earth Science).  However, that metatarsus was
(incorrectly) labelled as "Oviraptor"!!  True Oviraptor feet, however, are
not pinched.

The above information was provided to me by H. Osmo'lska, and is discussed
on pp. 494-496 of my arctometatarsalian pes paper in the Journal of
Vertebrate Paleontology (JVP 14: 480-519).

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