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New refs #10

Ok, here is a batch of new ones.

The Journal of Paleontology is out and there is a relevant paper:

Motani, R. & H. You. 1998. The forefin of Chensaurus chaoxianensis
   (Ichthyosauria) shows delayed mesopodial ossification.
   Journal of Paleontology, 72(1):133-136.

Ryosuke Motani has been doing some absolutely terrific ichthyo
stuff these days and this is a nice solid paper in a series. I had
the honor of being one of the reviewers and had to read it three
times just to find a typo and come up with some totally benign
suggestions. Detailed anatomical observations on early-ish
ichthys and their implications. Nice quick read. I was able to
read the ms. In my carpool on the way home and understand it
well, usually impossible unless a paper is well thought-out and

>From the new Lethaia:

Muizon, C. De & B. Lange-Badre. 1997. Carnivorous dental
   Adaptations in tribosphenic mammals and phylogenetic
   Reconstruction. Lethaia, 30(4):353-366.

More early mammals than I had remembered were carnivorous
and shared lots of similarities in their teeth that make up
functional groups and are quite homoplasic. They discuss these
factors and potential phylogenetic relationships.

Now two papers from a journal that I never found anything in
before. Also has some papers on Cenozoic reptiles as well. The 
journal is called Nymphaea and is published in Romania.

Zoltan, Csiki. 1997. Paleobiogeographic relationships of the
   Uppermost Maastrichtian continental vertebrate fauna from
   Hateg Basin. Nymphaea, 23-25:45-68. (In Romanian with
   English summary)

Notes on the paleobiogeographic implications of the diverse
fauna of Hateg Basin studied through the years by Nopcsa,
Grigorescu, Weishampel, etc. Island faunas then before the
islands ran into the underbelly of Europe. An odd mixture
of taxa including forms from different provinces and endemic

Posmosanu, E.T. & E. Popa. 1997. Notes on a camptosaurid
   Dinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous Bauxite Cornet -
   Romania. Nymphaea, 23-25:35-44. (In English)

Revision of Lower Cretaceous dino from one of the islands,
a dwarfed Camptosaurus. No species id yet.

I also saw a newsletter from the Garden Park Paleontology
Society (7(6), 1997), and was reminded what good work they
do. There is a form in the back to join as a member (Individual,
$15; family $25; Student $5; Senior $7.50; also higher levels).
I will be sending in bucks next week. I invite others to do so also.

GPPS, PO Box 313, Canon City, CO 81212-0313

That's it, some more catch-up refs next week. Have a good weekend.

Ralph Chapman