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[carole_deford@cc.cranbrook.edu: Chinese dinosaurs from Sichuan]

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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 98 10:52:05 -0500
From: "Carole DeFord"<carole_deford@cc.cranbrook.edu>
To: <vrtpaleo@usc.edu>
Subject: Chinese dinosaurs from Sichuan 

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Hi dinophiles,
I just happened to be in Vegas the day this exhibit opened and, through the 
dedicated efforts of a taxi driver, we finally found it on the second floor of 
the Chinatown Plaza mall office.  I understand from its organizer that their 
publicity was running a bit behind the grand opening news reports on local TV.
It is to run a year so you have plenty of time. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 
p.m. Admission fee ($10. I seem to remember. No catalogue at this time but does 
have T shirts in the Gift shop with some of the pictures and names.
The exhibit seems to be put together by a Chinese businessmen's group in 
conjunction with Beijing government office rather than any museum or exhibit 

>From their handout: "In this Expo, ....8 out of the 9 Skeletons are genuine (90

to 100%) fossils; plus 100 other fossil specimens fromrare plants and animals, 
dinosaur teeth and eggs.  It is the largest shipment the Chinesegovernment ever 
allowed to be shipped out from China."

It has:
Yinshanosarus jichuanensis Late Jurassic  stegosaurus.
Huayangosaurus taibai Middle Jurassic primitive stegosaur
Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis Late Jurassic megalosar
Tuojiangosaurus multispinus Late Jurassic stegosaur
Omeisaurus tianfuensis Middle Jurassic sauropod
Omeisaurus fuxiensis Late Jurassic sauropod
Dzungrterus  Early Cretaceous  Pterosaurus
Szechuanosaurus campi Late Jurassic theropod

They only listed 8 on their handout but there was a third stegosaur 
plus plant, turtle, dino skull, teeth, vertebrae, footprints, a
nd 2 different egg clusters.

Check out http://members.col/chinasaurs

For further information call Mr.Thomas Chang, Executive Vice President, Omni Art
and Culture, Inc.  702-364-2284
He is the gentleman and organizer of the show that I spoke with while I was 

Carole S. DeFord
Cranbrook Institute of Science
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303-0801

>                             H-ASIA


>From: SUE-FAWN CHUNG <<chung@nevada.edu>


>The first American exhibit of nine Chinese dinosaurs, as well as a display

>of fossils and other related objects, from Sichuan province is currently

>at the Las Vegas Chinatown Mall.  If you are in Las Vegas, don't miss this

>interesting exhibition.

>Sue Fawn Chung

>Associate Professor

>UNLV History Department