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Another from VRTPaleo:

Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 11:34:23 -0700 (MST)
From: Peter Robinson <robinsp@stripe.colorado.edu>
To: paleonet@ucmp1.Berkeley.Edu, vrtpaleo@usc.edu
Subject: Field School

>Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 12:23:06
>To: paleonet, vrtpaleonet
>From: Peter Robinson <robinsp@stripe.colorado.edu>
>Subject: Field School
>Cc: Cordell, JohnDunn, paleo@spot.colorado.edu,
>The Following Field School wil be available for the later summer of 1998
>                       UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO, BOULDER
>                       Museum Field Methods in Geology
>                                MUSM 4484/5484
>                                3 credit hours
>                   Minimum enrollment 10 students, maximum 16
>                        July 12th to Augsut 9th, 1998
>        Cost (tuition, room, board, field transportation, supplies) #1350
>        Costs assume double occupancy of rooms; students wanting single rooms
>        add $140 ($5/night). Registration must be completed before May 1, 1998
>        This course will be based on the campus of Colorado Northwestern
Community         College, Rangely, Colorado
>        Instructor: Professor Peter Robinson. Assistant: To be announced.
>        Prerequisites: Junior standing in a department of Anthropology,
Biology or Geology with an emphasis on Paleontology, Physical Anthopology,
or Vertebrate Zoology. Physical and Historical Geology, or permission of the
instructor. Graduate credit requires graduate standing and the submission of
a paper in addition to other course requirments.
>        During the 1998 course, emphasis will be on the boundary between
the Cretaceous and Tertiary rocks of northwestern Colorado and northeastern
Utah. This was the time when dinosaurs became extinct and modern groups of
mammals originated and diversified. Like all geologic events, where present
it can be mapped and quantified on a local level. While the section of
northwestern Colorado is not as finely tuned as in some other areas, it has
never been adequately studied. The field school will permit the study of
this area, while providing students with the opportunity to construct and
interpret geologic maps, and to place the fossils collected in a logical
setting. The entire course is dedicated to the development of the kind of
information and training that persons specializing in fossil vertebrates
will need to understand in order to work in the discipline. 
>For information about subject matter: Contact Prof. Peter Robinson, Campus
Box 315, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 80309-0315 USA. Telephone
1-303-492-5211; FAX: 1-303-492-5105; e-mail: robinsp@stripe.colorado.edu or
>For information about registration:  Contact Mr. John Dunn, Division of
Continuing Education, Campus Box 178, University of Colorado, Boulder,
Colorado 80309-0178 USA. Telephone: 1-303-492-6409; FAX: 1-303-492-3962;
e-mail: Johnie.Dunn@Colorado.EDU
Peter Robinson
Professor of Natural History
University of Colorado Museum
Boulder, Colorado 80309-0315
Fax: 1-303-492-5105
Tel. 1-303-492-5211 or 1-303-492-4513