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Re: Lessem takes a serious look at G. carolinii (was Megaraptor)

It doesnt' seem like he's maiking money at all.  So far I've won a 
copy of his Dinosaur Encyclopedia and a cast of a Giganotosaurus 
tooth.  Everyone who wants to win something should go to his site and 
answer the easy questions on the dinosaur contest.
> Frankly, I don't know what a "mean" dinosaur is, either -- probably depends 
> on what dino you ask -- but I think I can detect an ill-intended ('mean'?)
 message in Larry Dunn's posting.  Why should anyone get so 'bent 
out of shape' because someone (Don Lessem in this case) knows how to 
make a little honest money ("...shout 'dinosaur' and paying audiences 
will come..." ) by getting th> After all, Lessem i not trying to 
communicate with scientists in the instances mentioned, but he is 
effectively using a bit of hyperbole that many parents of children 
(myself included)  find often s> Incidentally, I do not know Lessem 
personally; but I know his books, the referenced site, and children 
who have learned to appreciate and understand dinosaurs and even 
dinosaurologists through his wo> BLESSED IS HE WHO MAKES A LIVELIHOOD 
> Ray Stanford
Chris Straughn

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