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Re: quick dino-related question

In a message dated 98-01-31 02:13:05 EST, jconrad@lib.drury.edu writes:

<< Sorry that this is not directly about dinos, but can anybody give the the
 families of Aetosauria and Parasuchia?  I can only find one family for
 each of these, does this mean that these taxa should really end in -idae
 (because monofamilial taxa are unacceptable)?  Thanks for your indulgence. >>

AETOSAURIA Nicholson & Lydekker, 1889
   Aetosauridae (ex Aethosauridae) Baur, 1887
   Stagonolepididae Agassiz, 1844

Some consider these families to be synonyms, so that only the family
Stagonolepididae is used.

PARASUCHIA Huxley, 18785
   Mystriosuchidae Huene, 1915
      Palaeorhininae Long & Murry, 1995
      Mystriosuchinae Nopcsa, 1928
   Angistorhinidae Huene, 1936
      Angistorhininae Camp, 1930
      Rutiodontinae Long & Murry, 1995
      Pseudopalatinae Long & Murry, 1995

The above follows the phylogenies developed by Long & Murry in their 1995
monograph as well as the unpublished doctoral dissertation of Adrian Hunt.
Families such as Parasuchidae and Phytosauridae have doubtful genera as
nominal types and should not be considered valid.