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Re: Lessem takes a serious look at G. carolinii (was Megaraptor)

I tried to stay out of this but, ah what the Hell!

>  So, if I'm reading this correctly, it's your contention that it's all right
>  to substitute hyberbole for substance. What a pathetic attitude. Why does
>  science have to be dressed up in order to make it interesting?

I emphatically second this! regardless of what branch of science is being
tught whay should the subject be couched in idiotic antics and puppetry viz-a
vis "Barney the Dinosaur", or "Beakmans World" and subsequent clonal spin-
offs. Such trash is an insult to the intelligence of both the children for it
assumes that unless you act like a twit they will not be interested, as well
as that of the parents for such things tend to over simplify issues and
concepts for the sake of entertainemnt and IMNHO is of little value either. 

Where was all this trash when those of us in the 30+ crowd were growing up?
Speaking for myself, I have always preferred the more serious dino related
books out at the time (Thanks Ed Colbert!). When I wanted "entertainment" I
read a comic book  such a "Turock: Son of Stone". There was a distinct line
between the two, now it is so obscure I will neverl allow my child to be
exposed to such garbage for any legth of time! Barney is banned! Nor will some
half baked fossil privateer be given the respect (or my money) just so my
child can be entertained!

> Why isn't it
>  interesting enough without hyperbole? It is in my opinion, and people like
>  Don Lessem do an incredible disservice to children by exaggerating and
>  distorting science in their effort to make a buck off of something they
>  perceive as trendy. Lessem is in the self-aggrandizement business, not the
>  dinosaur science business.

Ditto! See preceeding diatribe!

>  > Incidentally, I do not know Lessem personally; but I know his books, the
>  >> referenced site, and children who have learned to appreciate and
>  >understand   > dinosaurs and even dinosaurologists through his work.  I
>  >tip my hat to Don.  I > can think of a lot of worse things than being a
>  >gifted writer and capitalist.

So I guess drug dealers, crooked lawyer and used car salesmen deserve a

>  And just so you know, I'm all for making money off of something that you
>  love, but what, exactly, makes you think that Don Lessem loves dinosaurs?
>  Since he doesn't promote serious science in his writings about them, isn't
>  it conceivably possible that he just loves the notoriety and the financial
>  rewards that come from writing about them? 

Cf. Lawyers, drug dealers and used car salesmen and similar vermin!

>I just know a hack when I see one.

Well said!

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies
2733 Kildaire Drive
Baltimore,  Md. 21234