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Re: Third Jurassic Park Movie Coming in 2000

At 22:37 -0400 30/6/98, Stephen Faust wrote:

>Speilburg makes millions while you make a pittance because he hasn't lost
>his imagination. He can still think like the excited kid you used to be,
>and don't try to tell me that the cladistics of protosauropods first
>attracted you to paleontology. Be honest! It was a nasty therapod biting
>through somebody's nostril.The pizazz comes first, then the deep love of

Actually, it was most likely Calymene (A trilobite from the English
Midlands and other places).  Personally I'd be *much* more interested
in a movie depicting life in the Cambrian oceans than in Jurassic Park
(even though I did enjoy JP and JP:II because they're all there is).  I
can imagine the emotive scene as the burgess fauna is squoshed
over the edge of the submarine cliff by the turbidite current.

I honestly believe it was the ancientness of fossils that interested
me first - dinosaurs came later and, fascinating though they are, I
still get more excited by trilobites and other bizarre extinct arthropods.

I agree, even Spielberg may find it hard to get funding for "Silurian
Aquarium", if it ever got made though, I'd be at the head of the queue
at the box office.

Especially at the thought of Laura Dern being terrorised by Anomalocaris ...

--- Derek

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