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Pete Buchholz wrote of _Avimimus portentosus_..

> Other parts of the anatomy, such as the premaxilary with 
> crenulations, and the antiorly displaced AOF with accesory foramina 
> preserved in the rostrum fragment show that it probably belongs to 
> an oviraptorosaur, and not any kind of avian.

Once again I will mention the possibility that the _Avimimus_ premax 
does not go with the cranium of the genus, but may instead be from a 

This may or may not be correct. But Pete's contention that a 
crennulated premax would be suggestive of oviraptorosaurian 
affinities are a little suspect aren't they? A vaguelly crennulated 
premax has been figured for _Oviraptor mongoliensis_, but I'm not 
convinced these represent proper crennulations (which should be 
denticulate). And are they present in other oviraptorosaurs? Not as 
far as I'm aware.

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