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Re: Third Jurassic Park Movie Coming in 2000

Can you predict impact on target audience 10 or 15 years down the road?
Thought not.
Can you repeat after me: There are half again as many tyrannosaurs
discovered and sold than professionals will ever see. You can! Excellent.
How were all those miasaur eggs discovered? Via a dealer! What's that you
Look. I have 4 degrees from Indiana U and Blacksburg. One isn't in
paleontology, but I've done original work with Smilodon and provided the
Charleston Museum and Carnegie Institute with species of whales that have
yet to be named. I'll use any resource to find a fossil and I know
something about the black market world you just complain about.
Professionals can't keep their heads in the clouds. There is a real world
out there. Speilburg's going to make movies that will lead to a serious
interest in paleontology for some kids down the road and you have about as
much chance of stopping the black market trade in fossils as the Federal
Government has in stopping the drug trade.


Stephen Faust                   smfaust@edisto.cofc.edu

On Tue, 30 Jun 1998, The Armadillo with the Mask wrote:

> On Tue, 30 Jun 1998, Stephen Faust wrote:
> > Mr. Rey, or Dr. as the case may be, I don't just direct this message at
> > you, but all those "professionals" much too good for the general
> > population. The ones who have created this fabulous black market in
> > fossils because they think that THEY should be the only ones allowed to
> > collect fossils and the ones that come down hard on Speilburg.Get with it!
> > Speilburg makes millions while you make a pittance because he hasn't lost
> > his imagination. He can still think like the excited kid you used to be,
> Can you say "Target audience?"
> I knew you could....
> A totally other Steve