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JurassicPark3:the never-ending saga

Hi people. Just thought to chip in my thoughts on what's going to happen 
in the next JP movie & book (and of course I'm gonna buy them when 
they're out.) First of all, unless Crichton takes his time, (which I 
doubt will really happen) the book and movie will end up totally 
different, and in the book Crichton will change his ideas on dinosaurs, 
use the word 'roar' over 100 times to desc. the Tyrannosaurs and the 
book will be a fantastic let down-at least for the first few weeks.
Just wondering-was it just me, or were there other people out there who 
were upset with the lost world(JP)??I remember when I first read the 
book it was a let down. He (MC) could have done the book a lot better.
By the way, has anyone seen the original Lost World movie???
I wish I could see that one!!!!!!!
(I mean the REALLLLLLLLLY old one)

Jessica Wagar
Amature Paleontologist

"My name is Bird. And I'm a dinoholic"

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