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Re: Interest in dinosaurs (was Re: Third Jurassic Park Movie Coming in 2000)

    My earliest recollection of how my interest in dinosaurs began takes me
back to 1955, and my mother reading a book to me that she had bought me
(illustrated): "All About Dinosaurs", by Roy Chapman Andrews (Hardcover).
At 3 years old, I couldn't wait to learn how to read, so I could read his
words for myself.  I think the opening description of _Tyrannosaurus rex_
chasing down his prey was the hook.

    My parents indulged me and bought me dinosaur toys, and dinosaur books,
and took me to the Academy of Natural Sciences (Phila.) when I was 5.  My
father and I painstakingly glued all those little pieces of the plastic _T.
rex_ (about one foot high, based on the American Museum of Natural History
mount) around 1959.

    Since then, I repaid my parents indulgences by devouring books and
magazines, movies, and television.  I dove into the sciences, receiving a
B.S. in Physics.  Then I looked around for work, decided against being an
Insurance analyst or a CIA analyst, and checked my marketable skills:  1)
Guitarist - OK if you get really lucky, maybe you can make some money -
sometime; 2) Disc Jockey - same problem; 3) Writer - same problem; 4)
Physicist - even _less_ money: 5) Computer Programmer/Analyst - AHA!!!  and
I liked it!

    So here I am, mucho years later, trying to make ends meet while getting
an hourly wage that is frankly embarassingly more than 95% of the general
population makes, working as a Computer Consultant.  (It ain't easy keeping
up with everything).  [No, it is not anywhere near what a Micheal Creichton
or a Stephen Speilberg gets - but it is a lot].

    What else do I want to do?  - I want to write a dinosaur book for the
clueless masses of adults bedazzled by their offsprings' knowledge of
dinosaurs.  I also want to put together a program for Dong Zhiming in China,
that will enable me time and funding to go to China and visit him on a dig
in the Gobi - back to Roy Chapman Andrews in the Gobi.  I also want to
finish my Science Fiction novel that I've been working on for years.

    Allan Edels

P.S.  I've played guitar for 37 years, I was a disc jockey for 4 years in
college (as well as station engineer), and I have an extensive knowledge of
popular music and songs.