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Re: Interest in dinosaurs (was Re: Third Jurassic Park MovieComing in 2000)

> From: Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. <th81@umail.umd.edu>
> So, having now used up what would have been the opening to my memoirs
> a question for professionals and fans alike: what got you into dinosaurs?
> would particularly like to hear from anyone who can honestly admit they
> didn't have an interest in dinosaurs UNTIL they saw "Jurassic Park" or
> The Lost World".

Dinosaurs were hard to get when I was a kid.  But once in a GREAT while
something like the TUROK, SON OF STONE comics or the MARX figures and
playsets, or THE WORLD WE LIVE IN (with the Zallinger mural), or KING KONG
on tv or a re-release of FANTASIA in the movies or a visit to the AMNH or
Smithsonian would pop up and I would glory in it/them.  

My son however (now almost 11) has grown up in a houseful of dinosaurs (as
well a tons of models, books movies etc.  I do a lot of dino art and my
wife sometimes sculpts them as in the models for the movie PREHYSTERIA). 
My son's fist dino experiences on the 'Big Screen" was probably The Land
Before Time and later JURASSIC PARK.  He likes dinosaurs but of course his
true passion is (sigh) video games!  Of which, TUROK is one!

I like David Norman's thoughts on the subject of why dinosaurs appeal to us
as well as any I've read:  "Dinosaurs, like other mythical beasts, require
us both to exercise imagination and creativity in order to bring these
extinct creatures back to life and give them a feeling of reality.  One of
the key features of Man is his ability to use his imagination and
creativity in order to think ahead, preidct or anticipate-  from planning
how to trap a rabbit for food, to desgning a piece of industrial machinery
or a new silicon "chip". All these and many other day-to-day activities 
are central to our ability to co-ordinate and regulate our lives.  Likemany
other skills, imagination and creativity are partly innate and and partly
learned, and all require STIMULATION to grow and develop.  Perhaps it is in
this area that dinosaurs have a limited but important role to play in
stimulating the innate imaginative and creative potential in ourselves,
particularly during those vital childhood years."  The preceeding is from
section, quoted here without permission.

In other words, it feels good to think about dinosaurs!