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Re: Will The Real Luis Rey Please Stand Up

 Dan wrote : 
> Sure we get five or six figures: $50,$!00,$150, $200, $250,
> six! Hell brother, one publisher of one of those new dinosaur/bird books
> wanted me to >donate< an image. By the way, at $350 so far this year I am
> industry leader-and you can take that to the bank for all the good that
> do you. Dan Varner.
$350? Really? !! I'm giving away sets of 3 B/W lithos just to get them out
of my closet ! What really rags me are the people
who quibble because you want fifty or a hundred bucks for an illustration
you've put 150 hours into (not the mention a lifetime of research and
leaning technique !), who turn around and drop a $100 for a damned velvet
painting of Elvis ! 
Want a set of lithos ? Real cheap !

Another starving paleolife artist , 
Regards , Truett Garner