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Re: Interest in dinosaurs

At 09:07 AM 01/07/98 -0400, you wrote:
 >I would particularly like to hear from anyone who can honestly admit they
>didn't have an interest in dinosaurs UNTIL they saw "Jurassic Park" or "JP:
>The Lost World".
I loved dinosaurs as a child.  I read nothing but dinosaur books, until
grade 3.  At that point, I had a teacher who told me I was not allowed to
read any more dinosaur books that year.  This lead my around to other
hobbies for years.  I returned to my childhood passion when my brother had
me read the book "Jurassic Park".  I immediately went out to find the first
book on REAL dinosaurs I could find (which was suitably titled "Dinosaurs
Rediscovered" [by Don Lessem, no rude comments please]).  Later I saw the
movie "Jurassic Park", got "Dinosaur Heresies", saw the travelling Ex Terra
show here in Toronto, and went right back to where I was over twenty years

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